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Matt Gauck - Next Stop Adventure: The Book!


We have 10 copies autographed by Matt!

Matt has been a friend of CTTS for a dozen or so years now. And he's let us down a total of never times. We have crossed oceans and logged literally thousands and thousands of miles sitting next to each other. I can say without question he's one of the finest humans you'll ever encounter. We're proud to be able to offer his book on our website. xo Kathleen

Two hundred and eighty pages on traveling by bike across the country and all the dumpster-diving, illegal rooftop-sleeping, pool-hopping, train-hopping, squatting, big skies, funny danger, dangerous fun, etc, that goes along with it. You will fall in love with Matt Gauck and want to live this book. You’ll want to step right into it and bike the lesser-known highways, dusty country roads, and secret lanes forever. A great collection of high adventure that doubles as a DIY bike-touring how-to manual, this is On The Road for the peak oil age.

"Matt effortlessly brings you back to a time when chasing your dreams was as easy as jumping on your bike." —Mr. Issa, Good Clean Fun

"...An amazing introspective narrative of off-the-grid adventure that makes you feel like someone wrote you a series of letters from the road..." —Will Butler, To Live A Lie Records

"Matt is making the world less cynical, one squished banana at a time." —Kathy, Circle Takes the Square

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