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CTTS -"Decompositions Volume One" Double LP

$20.00 - On Sale

Due to an error at the printing plant, the remaining lps (approx 600) will not include the 16page booklet pictured. There will instead be 11x17 lyric inserts. We apologize for the discrepency. The price has been lowered to compensate.

.3rd Pressing info:
-Half Olive Green/Grimace Purple w/Black Splatter (500)
-Silver/Transparent Blue Swirl (300)

-Gold/Transparent Orange Swirl (300)

High quality digital downloads will remain Name-Your-Price at comes with a discount code for this merch site.

Over two years in the making, Decompositions: Volume Number One is CTTS’s first new album in over eight years, a follow up to 2004’s heralded debut, As the Roots Undo.

The packaging for Decompositions: Volume Number One consists of a full color, illustrated gatefold jacket featuring metallic ink, and includes lyric sheets and liner notes on 11x17 paper.

First pressing Info - April 2013

  • SOLAR / LUNAR vinyl set, where Side A/B is a semi-translucent, watery blue color, and Side C/D is a fiery, solar flare red-orange (200)
  • HANDS IN THE DIRT - marbled/speckled earthy brown (300)
  • STANDARD BLACK - 180 gram vinyl (500) Second Pressing -August 2013 -Packaged in a 3 color, silk screened tour edition cover:
  • GOLD w SEA BLUE Splatter (175)
  • SILVER w/ PURPLE Haze (200)

    PLEASE NOTE! Lps are shipped via Media Mail, which is economical but not the fastest mode of shipping. Most importantly, the post office will not forward packages sent via Media Mail, so please be sure the address you use is current.

  • Availability

    • Green/Purple Splatter - 3rd Pressing - 83% in stock
    • Silver/Clear Blue Swirl- 3rd Pressing - 86% in stock
    • Gold/Clear Orange Swirl- 3rd Pressing - 85% in stock
    • Silver/Purple Haze in Tour packaging - 2nd Pressing - 0% in stock
      Sold Out
    • Gold/Green Splatter - 2nd Pressing - 0% in stock
      Sold Out
    • 180g Black in original packaging - 1st Pressing - 0% in stock
      Sold Out
    • Brown Marble - 1st Pressing - 0% in stock
      Sold Out
    • Blue & Orange - 1st Pressing - 0% in stock
      Sold Out